Top Shelf (left to right):

1A. KW SP-230 Remote Speaker

1B. HP-8640B RF Signal Generator

2. Rigol DG-1022 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

3A. Tenma 72-4095 Frequency Counter 175mhz (back up)

3B. Heathkit IP-2718 Regulated DC Bench Supply

4. Sencore TF-30 Super Cricket Transistor Tester

5. HP-8656B RF Signal Generator

Middle Shelf (left to right):

1. Rigol DSA-815/TG Spectrum Analyzer

2. HP-3400A RMS AC Voltmeter

3. Ballantine 3440A RF Millivolt Meter

4. Heathkit IM-18 VTVM with 309C and PK-3 RF Probes

5. HP-410C VTVM with active RF probe and HP-453A 100:1 capacitive divider probe

6. HP-5334A Frequency Counter

On the Bench and In Cabinets:

1. Rigol DS-1102E 100mhz Dual Channel O-scope with 10:1 probes and P5100 100:1 4kv probe

2. Bird 43P Wattmeter

3. Cel-Wave 250 watt Dry Type Dummy Load

4. Hakko FX-888D soldering station

5. Hakko 808 Desoldering Gun

6. Peak LCR-45 Digital LCR Bridge

7. Anatek Blue ESR Meter

8. Millen 90651 Grid Dip Meter

9. Measurements Model 59 Grid Dip Meter

10. HP-410B VTVM w/AC probe

11. Mini-Circuits PWR-4GHS USB Smart Power Meter

12. ETEK 1025D Infrared Thermometer

13. Palomar Noise Bridge

14. HP-428B DC Clip-on Ammeter

15. HP-355C and HP-355D RF Step Attenuators

16. HP-435A Microwatt Meter (used for 0dBm 50mhz cal source)

17. Leo Bodnar GPSDO Precision Frequency Standard (10mhz & 14.2mhz outputs)

18. 8kv DC Hi-pot for 6146 Final Tube Leakage testing

19. PC board Pana-Vise

20. Various coaxial adapters, Pomona test sockets, scope probes, and test leads

21. Basic Electronic Hand tools and Alignment tools

22. Spectro-gram Audio Spectrum Analyzer Software on Lap Top PC

23. Fluke 179 DMM