For Sale

Any of the items listed that are vintage electronics (some as old as 35 to 40 years old) are being sold with No Warranty, No Returns, and No Refunds. Also, due to the fact that I do not know your knowledge and experience especially as it relates to operating a vacuum tube PA  this means that all KW Hybrid Transceivers listed are being sold as "For Parts Only".   If there is an exception to this policy it will be noted in the item description. 

Contact me at for all items listed here. Thank you. Terry K9TW

I have 20 Panasonic NF4EB NOS (new old stock) relays. These relays replace the Omron LZN4 flat pack 4PDT relay in the TS530S ( on IF board)  and TS830S (on AF board). The Omron relay is the cause of intermittent operational problems such as slow to return from transmit to receive,  bias switching,  and metering.  Asking $20.00  each shipped. Posted 11/12/22. 

Millen 90651 Grid Dip Meter with 120vac line cord and all 7 plug in coils in original metal holding tray.  Comes in plastic tool box style carrying case.  Asking  $35.00 plus $20.00 shipping. Posted 11/14/22. 

HP-435  Microwave Wattmeter with 120vac Line Cord.  No power head.  This meter has a calibration reference output consisting of a 50mhz signal at 0dBm (224mv).  Can be used to check cal of a Frequency Counter and can connect a dB step attenuator to the output to obtain lower signal levels to check cal of RF millivolt meter.  Asking $ 35.00 plus $20.00 shipping.  Posted 11/18/22. 

TS530S/TS830S Power Transformer.   This is a very heavy component in a small package.  I will incur the cost to insure it is packed so that it cannot break thru the cartons during transit. Asking $20.00 plus $20.00 shipping. Posted 11/25/22. 

HP-1110A  Clip-on  AC/RF Current Probe with HP-1111A Current Amplifier.  Output drives either an AC Voltmeter or   O-scope. Measures AC/RF current from 1700hz to 50mhz.  Comes with copy of the HP Operating Notes.  Can download Operating/Maintenance instructions on line.  Asking $40.00  plus $20.00 shipping.  Posted 11/17/22. 

Kenwood YK-88SN Narrow SSB crystal filter for the TS-530S  and TS-530SP radios.  This filter is installed in the Optional position on the IF board and is switch selectable from the front panel NAR push button.  Allows  1800 hz bandwidth copy in crowded SSB conditions.  Asking $65.00 shipped. 

Have several TS-520 and TS-820 parts radios.   These are not stripped out chassis.  May have some parts missing, They are not fully functional.   Asking $75.00 plus $65.00 shipping. If shipping cost is less I will refund the difference. If shipping cost is greater than $65.00 I will pay the difference.