I am Terry Wagoner K9TW. Welcome to my website ( it is my first attempt and a work in progress)

I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1961. I hold an Extra Class License and the former FCC 1st Class Radio Telephone License. I have owned and operated all the KW Hybrid models over the years and currently own two full filtered gold emblem TS-830S radios. I am a long time student of the Kenwood Hybrid Transceivers.

I specialize in servicing only the TS520 thru TS830S models. Also, I do service the VFO-240 analog remote vfo , but I do not service the VFO-230. I troubleshoot, repair, and perform full factory service manual alignments.

I also will on a limited basis perform email and telephone consultation in an effort to help a KW hybrid owner resolve operational issues. I charge no fee for this help.

I am a member of the Groups IO Kenwood Hybrid forum where I devote time trying to help newly licensed hams who have purchased a KW hybrid as their first HF rig.

You can read a more complete biography on the QRZ.com website.

Note: As of the summer of 2019 due to very heavy demand I have suspended servicing of the TS520 model radios.

Best 73s

Terry Wagoner K9TW