Service Policy / Rates

Kenwood Hybrid Transceiver
Service Policy

The following information details the K9TW Kenwood hybrid transceiver service policy.

1)  I do not perform any extensive cosmetic refurbishment or restoration. No re-finishing or painting of the cabinet covers, no chip or nick repair or painting of the front panel bezel, no front panel re-lettering, no dent repair or rust or corrosion removal. I will remove the front panel and knobs and clean them. I will re-new the knob white lines if needed. I also will replace missing or broken knobs and knob trim rings if they are available. I will replace cabinet screws that have rusted or been wallored out. 

2)  I DO NOT normally work on smokers radios. I will not attempt to clean nicotine laced PC boards or radio external and internal surfaces. If the radio is yellow nicotine coated and/or reeks of smoke odor I reserve the option to re-box and ship back. I charge $40 labor fee for this plus the estimated return shipping fee. 

3) My service consists of troubleshooting and repair followed by complete factory service manual alignment. The reason that I align all radios is because I have no knowledge of how many people have been under the hood. Alignment is not a substitution for troubleshooting. It allows me to re-baseline the radio and I often find items grossly mis-adjusted or not optimized. There are service techs who claim complete alignment who do have the test equipment or knowledge to perform Band Pass Filter alignment nor can they accurately measure MDS or AGC threshold. My goal is to return the receiver and transmitter to as close to factory performance specification as possible given the age of the unit. I use a detailed check list to ensure nothing is overlooked.

4)  I will address customer reported operational issues if the customer requests a specific scope of work. Otherwise I will assess the as delivered operational performance level and address any as found deficiencies.

5)  There are certain recommendations that I will commonly make such as replacing the HV filter capacitors, the bandswitch coupler, and the RL-1 Aux Control relay. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

6)  If during the course of this service I uncover problems that require extensive repair or the purchase of expensive parts (main power transformer failure for example) I will contact the customer for repair authorization.

7)  If I discover that the radio has had extensive modifications or has been hacked or QRO-d, I reserve the right to close it up and return to the customer. I charge a $40.00 labor fee for this. In the unlikely event that I cannot fix a radio I will close it up and return it. I charge a $40.00 labor fee for this. 

8)  Once the radio passes post repair alignment and operational testing, I will provide a detailed report of the as-found conditions, the repair work performed, and recommendations for customer actions. 

9)  For this service I charge a flat $269.95 labor fee. This flat labor fee covers detailed visual inspection, clean, lube, troubleshoot, repair, replace, full alignment,  post repair on air testing, and a detailed service report. I have no hourly billing rate as many shops commonly do. Parts are extra and I try hard to hold the cost down on parts. I usually charge what the vendor charges me for the parts with a couple of dollars added to cover the shipping and handling fees that the vendor passes on to me.  I provide a 90 day labor free warranty. After the radio is returned to the customer if anything goes wrong in that 90 day window even if it is not related to the work performed on my bench I will repair it for no labor charge.

10)  It is the customer’s responsibility to properly pack the radio (I can provide recommendations)

11)  The customer is responsible for all shipping costs (typically UPS or Fedex). I include an estimated shipping charge on the customers invoice and if the actual amount is different we settle up afterwards.  

12)  For this service I expect payment in full before return shipment of the radio. I accept Pay Pal, US postal money order,  or a Personal Check and hold until it clears.

13.) On the TS-820S radios I do work on erratic or inoperable DG-1 digital displays, but typically charge an additional $40 flat labor fee for that work that often requires pulling  and disassembling the module multiple times. I have about a 90% success rate at "fixing" the DG-1 issues. However, due to the well known as-built issues with this unit I cannot guarantee that it will remain fixed.

14.) If I have to remove the RF board or Coil Pack board on any of the Hybrids and rebuild the bandswitch I charge an additional $40 flat labor fee.

15. I do not perform total electrolytic capacitor replacement. I do typically replace the HV and 300/210 filter caps due to the collateral damage that they can cause when they fail. Others will be replaced as troubleshooting of operational issues reveals the need. Total recap sounds intuitive due to age, however, it comes with an element of risk versus reward. Lifted pads, lifted traces, cracked pad to trace transition, pulled molex connectors, missing  the requirement for reverse polarity, latent faults induced etc.   

I try to complete a radio in approximately 1 week once I start on it. In some cases it may take longer especially if there is an intermittent problem. I keep the customer in the communications loop throughout the process and always obtain authorization for additional billing should the scope expand significantly. 

If you understand and agree with the terms of my service policy, please contact me to reserve a spot in the repair queue.

If you have questions about the service policy, please feel free to contact me via email or telephone.

I will provide a certain level of consulting via email to assist owners in troubleshooting or repairing their Hybrids. I do not charge for this service. However, due to my heavy work load there is a limit to how much time I can commit to "long distance" troubleshooting.   

I appreciate your interest and your business. I typically work by customer referral. I do not advertise. I am in 12th year of Kenwood Hybrid service.  I do not  offer service on any of the pre-TS-520 models or the VFO-230 or accessories like the Antenna tuners or the VHF transverters.

Best 73s
Terry Wagoner K9TW
70341 Elkhart Road
Edwardsburg, MI 49112