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TS820S RF Plate Choke burned center pie section (WARC band conversion)

TS820S RF Plate Choke removed from TS-830S overheating at center pie section

Kenwood TS820S RF Plate Choke Sweep

OCF Dipole (80-10 meters) Return Loss Sweep. Note: 1st deep notch at left is 80 meters followed by 40, 20, 17, 12 and 10 meters. The antenna works well on all the bands with exception of 15 meters which you can see has a -5.61 dB return loss or a 3.2 to 1 vswr. Also, 30 meters is not a good performer. The antenna will also work on 6 meters, but I didnt extend the sweep there. 

TS820S RF Processor Murata 455khz Filter

TS830 CW-N Frequency Response

TS830S CW-W Audio Frequency Response

Murata K13 455khz Filter (2k ohm terminations) 

TS830S YG-455C CW Filter (2k ohm terminations)

TS830S YK88S1 Filter (pass band ripple not terminated)

TS830S YK88S1 ( terminated with 620 ohm resistors)

TS-830S VBT Oscillator  2-Tone Adjustment Method (As-Left = 8374.875 khz)

TS-830S BCB Filter Frequency Response
TS-830S BCB Filter Response Curve

DC Hi-Pot Test Set 8KV DC

DC Hi-pot Test 6146 Tube Breaking Down Approx 2000 vdc

Murata K5 455Khz Filter Sweep (2k ohm terminations) 
Sweep Of Murata K5 Filter with Rigol Spectrum Analyzer

Boonton RF Probe Modified For KW Hybrid Work

TS-830 PLL BPF-A  As Found Response Curve Manual Method

RF Millivolt Meter Adapter for Wire Wrap Posts

TS-830 USB Frequency Response Curve Spectro-gram

TS-830 LSB Frequency Response Curve Spectro-gram

TS-520 As-Found BPF Frequency Response Sweep Gen Method