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Rigol DS-1022

posted Jun 27, 2014, 7:50 AM by Terry Wagoner

New Test Gear 6-20-14: 

Just added the Rigol DS-1022 Abritrary Waveform and Function Generator. This is a dual channel DDS generator that will allow me to perform certain KW hybrid tests and alignments easier and faster to a high quality standard. Those tests include the following:
1. Transmitter 2-tone testing
2. Carrier Set Point adjustment (SSB frequency response)
3. Speech processor and ALC indication calibration
4. Band Pass Filter (BP)F) sweeping and adjustment

It also has a Pulse mode which will allow me to better align the Noise Blanker. I can now retire the "hair dryer", the "blender", and the GM HEI ignition driven "Jacobs Ladder" that were previously employed to produce ignition like noise!